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“Eurasian”general manager Yan Songjian accepted an exclusive interview with HC air conditioning refrigeration network

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The 2013-2-20 13:08:56   Source:Eurasian    Publisher:Eurasian

“Eurasian”general manager Yan Songjian:The quality is the pride of enterprise.

A new enterprise like a infant,is always stumbling,also like the sun at seven or eight o’clock in the morning time which have a bright future.

In the team of air-conditioning,there is a new member----Eurasian (Guangzhou)freezing Equipment Co.,LTD,but behind it is resourceful people who run the market for many years.After flooded type variable frequency chiller of Eurasian test succeed,  Hui Cong air conditioning refrigeration network journalist interviewed and uncovered Eurasian’ mysteries veil.

“The quality is the pride of enterprise!” this sentence is regarded by Eurasian as the enterprise idea ,Pursuing excelent quality is not only a brave words to the general manager,but also need the enterprise can accepted the ordeal of users and time,and buck the trend  of economic downturn.

Eurasian (Guangzhou)freezing Equipment Co.,LTD is a emerging enterprise in air-conditioning refrigeration industry,built up on March 6, 2012. “Eurasian is a new enterprise ,many entities enterprise inject asset to its predecessor, then  established it.All of us want to elevate refrigeration equipment to a new height,meanwhile we have such ability to realize it.”the general manager Yan Songjian introduced the original intention of establishing the company, “In addition,we want to buck up during the trend of the economic downturn and to accomplish it. "

Eurasian move into the new factory

On October 15, 2012,Eurasian move into the new factory,the standardized production workshop and guarantee of hardware facilities laid foundation for  the integration of product design,develop,manufacture,and professional matching system。

The beginning of the 2013 year,Eurasian ushered one by one meaningful moment,the variable frequency flooded type chiller developed by Eurasian  

won the success of test online,this success encouraged the Eurasian.the variable frequency flooded type chiller is a high efficiency and energy-saving chiller,through technological innovation and system optimization,energy efficiency ratio reached 6.8,integrated energy efficiency ratio up to 9.0,the energy efficiency  increased 20%-30% than the ordinary variable frequency flooded type chiller on the present market, the variable frequency range from 30-60HZ.

Hope to change----We want to become a respectable enterprise in the field of industrial refrigeration.

As a new member in the field of air-conditioning,Eurasian  move ahead in staggering speed.But the achievements of Eurasian is not by accident. “The company's top leaders are the veteran in the refrigeration industry more than ten years,they

know the market demand and understand the industry.”Yan SongJian concluded, The soft-spoken general manager thinking agile, with loud voice, emitting confident charm and ,his abundant management experience in Heng Xing and Haier company are injected into Eurasian cultures and pointed out the direction for Eurasian’s development.

Yan SongJian Firmly told the journalist: “We want to become a respectable enterprise in the field of industrial refrigeration.”Product positioning in the middle and high-end market,Therefore, Eurasian  introduce of German technology, cooperate with European and US companies in  pursuit of leading technology. In the industrial field,need to use the advanced technology and tailored service to meet customer’s demand,it’s need to spend more  human-power and resources. “In the traditional central air-conditioning field,all are molding products,can be free combination,therefore in the industrial field,the central air-conditioning like tailored suits, the requirements of the product is more accurate,in special industries,temperature deviation errors which is just plus or minus 0.1 degrees can not be allowed.

At present,our country's industrial refrigeration field is  increasingly competitive , the core competitiveness becomes magic key for each enterprise to response to market challenges. “Core competitiveness shown in three aspects: one is the idea, including the management concept  and the management idea, the second is technology, the third is  channels.

Behind manufacturing is technology research and development, service innovation, every enterprise in different development stage has different core competitiveness,Its ideas and strategic will change, but there is a kind of idea runs through them, it's quality.”The general manager considered  when analyze Eurasian’s advantages: “ Understand the market, understand themselves, make good use of their own strategic and tactical , will have genuine core competitiveness. At present ,the core competitiveness of Eurasian is the understanding of the industry , and knowing the needs of customers, and if our products can meet the deep needs of customers, Our advantages will be highlighted. "

Gaining momentum ——We see things by standing on the shoulders , but can not be greed, we still have to depend on oneself. "

"Grasping the needs of customers have a variety of forms, one is to know what is the current market demands, the second is to know what is the future market demand, to be proactive, at the same time of doing the traditional products in the market, to consider what will the market develop in the future, cannot stand still."He thought, the current air conditioning refrigeration market advocate energy conservation and environmental protection idea, not only represents the development direction of industry in our country, is also the world industrial development trend,

As a new company, Eurasian strive for breakthroughs market with energy conservation and environmental protection products , lead the future development direction. “Eurasian needs innovation, also need to learn the the predecessors’s things. We are standing on the shoulders of our predecessors to see things, naturally we can do better, but should not be greedy.We have to depend on ourself , not only need to inherit,but also need development,only in this way can we go further, market will expand.”

Eurasians advance bravely

In technology, Eurasian strive to break through,the variable frequency flooded type chiller passed the test and replaced the traditional flooded type chiller,became the featured product in 2013 year,now this chiller is applying for the national patent.In addition, on the end of February 2013,Eurasian will launch heat pump which can reach 80 degrees of high temperature , meet the market demand. Energy saving has become highlights of many Eurasian products.

At present, the energy-saving subsidies policy benefits the central air conditioning and chiller machine field for the first time, withal, Yan Songjian combine with the present situation of the Chinese market and made a conclusion ,energy subsidies for central air-conditioning industry is a good news, the enterprise dare to try  will get more profits,But in practice,Because China market is large, regional differences is big,the actual effect yet to test of time.Needs the local management department and technology department to propaganda and guide on the policy implementation,  realize the enterprises and users to share, make the market larger and better. He thought this police is a good chance to Eurasian, “Eurasian want to produce energy saving and environmental protection and efficient products,just have the Energy-saving subsidies"

Layout --  “Buying and selling is the real thing, but absolutely can't put the buying and selling on high ground, we have more except interests."

Channels for the development of each enterprise is very important, In this era of channel is king,Sales agents has become the "son-in-law" of the enterprise,They inspect product quality in the front line of market, witness the competition of market with strength. Eurasian have a direct sales and sale agent.Yan Songjian ,who engaged in channel management more than a decade years,he think: “Traders pay attention to interests, because the interests is the fundamental and driving force of the development of the enterprise, at the same time, should also valuing feelings, like this ,the cooperation will be longer, cooperation space will be bigger, profit space will be bigger,  will have a win-win situation.We understand partners need what kind of products, technology, service and support, also try our best to achieve product technology mating, service mating and emotion mating."

“and selling on high ground, we have more except interests.We and partners deem each other is cooperative partner at work and career,meanwhile is  cooperative partner for life.We have many consistent place in values and life values"To the enterprise and the relationship between the distribution agent, yan always gave his answer

Yan Songjian gave his thought on the relationship between enterprise and

sales agents.

In the future,Eurasian have greater space for development,Eurasian will constantly improve and supply customers with more efficient and energy-saving and environmental protection products.