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The industry news

Chinese air conditioning compressor exports to Thailand break through millions in January to February

Published time:2015-0415 17:09:55In 2015, according to industry online statistics shows that Chinese air conditioning compressor&...

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Japanese air-conditioning brand sales volume is decreasing

From January to September, the Japanese air-conditioner brand sale volume of China's household air-conditioning market is 5.78 million ,decreased 10% year-on-ye...

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R22 will shut down step by step, demand for domestic environmental protection refrigerants is increased.

Huicong Air conditioning refrigeration network     Recently,Ministry of Environmental Protection published management inform for producing and using of chloro...

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2013 the second annual Asia-Pacific Ozone official network joint meeting successfully hold.

Pacific  Ozone official network joint meeting held in Ningxia of China. The meeting lasting 4 days,more then 70 officials,developed countries representative an...

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A seafood refrigeration house of Lanzhou Chenguan district was on fire

At 10 am on September 15, 2013,the fourth floor of a Lanzhou Chenguan district’s seafood refrigeration house was on fire,According to the refrigeration letters...

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Rotary compressor producing and marketing of 2013 year run smoothly

According to industry online data statistics,in 2013 year, rotary compressor producing 121million,increased 5% year-on-year,cut-off the end of July,have 3.62 mi...

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The 7th China refrigeration and air conditioning industry college students of science and technology competition (north

On July 6, 2013,the 7th China refrigeration and air conditioning industry college students of science and technology competition (north China competition area f...

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Hebei langfang became the nations largest absorption heat pump research and development base.

Recently, the phase II of Tongfang kawasaki “National Absorption Heat Pump Industrialization Demonstration Project” which located in Hebei langfang developmen...

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