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Eurasian chiller entered into Huishan Dairy company

Published time:2014-09-22 12:01:06 [ Reading times:3035 ] Copyfrom:

Good news came agian,Eurasian chiller won the tender of Huishan Dairy in the  fierce competition at home and abroad.This is a new big project after won the project tenders of Lizhu Group,Sunflower pharmaceutical Co.,ltd, Jiajia foods,Chubang soy.

Liaoning huishan dairy group co., LTD  originated in 1951, total invested 10 billion, corporate headquarters is located in liaoning, occupy the latitude 40 ° golden corn belt and gold milk belt geographical advantages. Huishan dairy industry has long been adhering to the "To build China's most reliable dairy brand" concept, is committed to the whole industry chain development model to explore China's dairy industry, from the source to solve the core issue of dairy products, become the leading player in the Chinese dairy milk source quality construction. The successful entered of Eurasian two circuts water routes chiller and low temperature chiller marked the Eurasian chiller got into a new stage, improved Eurasian chillers towards a new height the field of dairy industry.