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The cooling tower

The cooling tower


Eurasian” cooling tower has a variety of models, which has two kinds of round and square form, supporting range from 6 t to 1250 t,Suitable for air conditioning systems or industrial use.
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“Eurasian” cooling tower has a variety of models, which has two kinds of round and square form, supporting

  range from 6T to 1250 ,Suitable for  air conditioning  systems or industrial use. The tower body made of 

special reinforced fiberglass, is strong and durable;is not easy to aging;the heat dissipation film  adopted  

special corrugated of 35x20- 75 ℃, can effectively extend the heat exchange  time  between hot water 

and air,greatly improving the cooling effect;Tower support and steel structure passes hot dip galvanized

 processing,highly anticornsive,can be used for long time;Fan with wide twisted blade forward type aluminum

 alloy special fan,with large air flow,litter noise,has the advantages of anti corrosion and non deformation; Using

 closed three-phase motor, torque is big, with good waterproof  perfomance  and long s ervice  life.