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Congratulation to our company won two patent certificates of chiller

Published time:2014-01-02 11:28:04 [ Reading times:1876 ] Copyfrom:

Under the guidance of executive director YanSongJian, with the help of the research and development team, witness the growth of Eurasia, on January 1, 2014, passed number of senior experts strict inspection and audition, Eurasian, who won two main technology patents, respectively is a kind of variable frequency flooded type water chiller (patent no. : ZL 2013 2 0330145.9) and a frequency conversion flooded chiller with electronic control function,  (ZL 2013 2 0330051.1). It is understood that the current related patent technology is actively preparing for application to the products, Eurasian said they will strive to use it in the market in shortest  time, serve the market better.